Clarity Mac Cloud

Clarity’s Mac Cloud provides you with the infrastructure and environment on Apple hardware in Canadian Data Centers. 

Clarity Mac — Private Cloud

Working with you, Clarity can build your Mac Private Cloud your way. With Clarity Mac you can achieve true automation through scalable platforms allowing faster deployments. Since your Cloud runs on dedicated Apple hardware, the environment is quickly deployed and easily scaled-up.

Additionally, Clarity’s matchless leading cloud cybersecurity expertise keeps your Mac Private Cloud secure. Clarity Mac Cloud delivers a higher level of security and privacy protection through dedicated Apple infrastructure to ensure both operations and sensitive data are protected.

Turn your Apple hardware into a powerful and always available platform by creating your own Mac cloud environment in our Canadian data centers. Clarity’s Mac Private Cloud is customized to fit both your business budget and needs. So we build your Private cloud, your way. Also, we’ll even manage it for you.

Benefits of Clarity Mac Cloud

  • Expert Cloud readiness assessment and consultation. 
  • Private Cloud integration and implementation
  • Installation and deployment of your choice of Virtual Platforms (Anka or VMWare).
  • Clarity’s Mac Security and Cloud cybersecurity expertise. 
  • Customized Cloud security features such as: Next Generation Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls, AV, IPS, Web filtering, DLP, App Control, Endpoint Protection, Sandbox, VPN and more. 
  • Running completely on dedicated Apple Mac hardware.
  • Anka platform option of continuous integration on macOS.
  • Quick deployment and easy to scale up.
  • Real time cloud monitoring
  • Configuration with Local or High Availability (HA) storage.
  • Load Balance Solutions. 
  • Performance optimization 
  • Clarity’s Mac Services 
  • Resource management.
  • Dedicated point-to-point connectivity.
  • Public and Private VLAN.
  • DDoS Mitigation Protection for Mac.
  • Backups and replication. 
  • Mac cloud-based disaster recovery planning and management.
  • 24/7 365 Access to Clarity’s Apple Infrastructure and Mac solutions specialists.
  • Cost optimization focused on controlling your Private Cloud costs. 
  • 100% Canadian based full spectrum secure Mac hosting or Mac Colocation in Clarity’s Top-Tiered N+1 high security data centers located in Canada.

Who should consider using a Clarity Mac Private Cloud?

Any business relying on macOS and Apple hardware, or that prefers working with Apple infrastructure and Mac equipment. Also, software developers who need to test their applications and code in a true macOS environment and don’t want to rely on a simulated environment. A Clarity Mac Cloud is also ideal for developers that perform automated and live interactive cross browser testing on different macOS, browsers and application stack.

Why Use Anka to build your Cloud?

Clarity Mac Cloud provides Anka as a platform. The benefit of Clarity Mac Cloud is there are a number of virtualization hypervisors. Anka virtualization is one of those options. Basically, it enables the configuration of a macOS cloud on Mac Mini and Mac Pro servers. Anka is also a native macOS hypervisor that uses Apple’s macOS hypervisor framework for virtualization. So Anka Cloud platform works well if you operate a lot of builds as part of a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

Why do Developers choose Anka?

Anka virtualization technology offers:

 Plus, Anka Cloud also…

How do I Create my Clarity Private Cloud?

Not all cloud environments are the same. Your applications, websites and environments are unique. It’s easy to get lost in the clouds when trying to figure out what you need. So Clarity makes it simple. You can connect with Clarity to get your free Private Cloud quote. 

Clarity will audit your current Mac environment and assess if it is meeting your current and future needs. This will provide a baseline. From there, we work with you to customize your Private Cloud to fit your needs.

Connect with Clarity for more information on creating your own Mac Private Cloud today.