Clarity Security Advantage

The Clarity Security Advantage covers a range of cybersecurity and cloud security products and services. While our cybersecurity expertise and ability to develop customized security strategies is matchless, we also offer Managed Security services.

Clarity Security Advantage — Managed Security Services

Clarity managed security services keep you protected, while freeing up your IT resources and time. We help you find the right cybersecurity solutions, while helping you control costs and stay ahead of the continually evolving cybersecurity and technological landscape. 

Plus, Clarity’s managed security services means you get the freedom to grow your business, knowing that your privacy, data and systems are managed and protected.

Benefits of Clarity’s Managed Security Services

  • Risk assessment and project management.
  • Managed Antivirus, Anti-malware and Web Filtering. 
  • Automatic DDoS attack detection and mitigation.
  • Uptime monitoring that also tests the availability of your website, applications and servers.
  • Monitoring of your systems to efficiently manage your infrastructure, from public to private which includes network devices to applications metrics.

Connect to Clarity, to find out how Clarity’s Managed Security Services can keep you protected, while freeing up your IT resources and time.