Real time monitoring can help you head off a cyber attack. Clarity uses proactive monitoring tools that give you the flexibility to configure alerts. We create customized alerts that allow our cybersecurity team to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot disruptions.

What is Real Time Monitoring?

Real time monitoring is exactly what it sounds like. Keeping your business online all the time requires constant auditing, which is done through real-time monitoring of your environment. Clarity’s cybersecurity team monitors your networks, systems and servers for you 24/7 365 days a year.

Benefits of Clarity’s Monitoring

  • Proactive mitigation against outages by continuous collection of key performance indicators such as CPU, memory use, disk usage and network latency.
  • Uptime monitoring that also tests the availability of your website, applications and servers.
  • Public monitoring probes.
  • Bare metal and on-prem monitoring as well as private and public cloud monitoring no matter what OS is running, including Mac environments.
  • Monitoring for network latency.
  • Service monitoring such as PING, SMTP, IIS, HTTP/S, MySQL, MSSQL, TCP, UDP.
  • Monitoring of your entire environment to efficiently manage your infrastructure, from public to private which includes network devices to applications metrics.
  • Real time monitoring of your networks, systems and servers for you 24/7 365 days a year.

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