Custom Firewall Solutions

Every Clarity client gets the Clarity Security Advantage. Plus, full scale custom firewall solutions for every platform, including Mac Firewalls for your Mac infrastructure solutions.

Data protection and privacy protection are critical for every business. Your business needs a strong secure shield against unwanted traffic and breaches. Without strong firewall protection, you risk losing not only data, but open your business to legal risks. You can’t afford not to secure your network, systems and servers with the best firewalls.

What is a Firewall and Why Do You Need a Firewall?

Generally, a firewall is a cybersecurity tool installed between your business and the public Internet. It is a barrier between your network, systems and server and any unwanted traffic. The firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic. Protecting you by separating out unwanted traffic and inspecting packets of information. 

Firewalls manage security threats and mitigate risks. They help secure your data. Making sure you are complying with regulatory policies, while also increasing productivity. Firewalls range from software, hardware or are cloud-based. Every type of firewall has its own security strengths. 

Are there different types of Firewalls?

There are many types of Firewalls. Increasingly, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. They also vary in the type of cyber attack. That’s why there are different types of firewalls. 

Benefits of Clarity’s Custom Firewall Solutions include:

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and strategies.
  • Full scale firewall customization.
  • Stopping and mitigating unwanted access to your private networks.
  • Completely managed firewalls.
  • Restricting access from approved IPs.
  • Set incoming and outgoing traffic filters.
  • Secure encrypted communications with VPN tunnels.
  • Logging and document for compliance.
  • 24/7 365 Full Spectrum Support that includes access to Clarity’s cybersecurity support.

How do I know which Firewalls work best for my business?

Your Firewalls need to fit your security needs. While also meeting your industry’s regulatory compliance standards. Clarity’s cybersecurity experts take the guesswork out of figuring out which Firewalls fit your specific business needs. Our cybersecurity team security assessments include assessing your Firewalls.

Throughout Clarity’s Firewall assessment, Clarity’s security experts consult with you and your IT team to develop a strong cybersecurity strategy. Then, Clarity provides you with both affordable and scalable custom firewall technology solutions.

Connect with Clarity to find out how Clarity’s cybersecurity team can make finding the right Custom Firewall Solution simple and secure.