Cloud Management and Automation

Cloud management and automation frees up your time and resources. Making sure you have the right cloud management and automation tools can be tricky. Clarity takes the guesswork out of matching the right cloud management and automation tools for you.

Cloud Security Management

Clarity centrally manages your cloud security across multiple clouds through a single pane. Our single point access streamlines your cloud management. 

With Clarity cloud management our single point access of multiple clouds means:


You need solid analytics to help you monitor and identify cyber attacks. Clarity’s integrated central security architecture gets you the analytics you need to protect your network, systems and server. 

Our integrated central security architecture aggregates log data into actionable reports so you can quickly analyze and visualize network threats as well as spot inefficiencies and review usage. 

With Clarity’s analytics for cloud security you also get:

Logging and Event Management

Logging and event management let’s you know what’s happening on your network, system and servers. Clarity’s multi-vendor Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) rapidly identifies and remediates security threats.

With Clarity’s logging and event management you also get:

Vulnerability Assessment

Knowing where your network is vulnerable is critical. Reliable and trusted vulnerability assessments can help you make the right decisions to secure your business. Clarity facilitates third party assessments on Clarity’s infrastructure with leading cyber security advisors. These unbiased assessments provide insights into how to continually safeguard your data and networks.

A network security assessment examines the entire network and how users login to find potential security gaps to prevent others from exploiting. Our vulnerability assessment identifies network vulnerabilities and validates security defences. This assessment augments your security posture, reduces risk, facilitates compliance and improves operational efficiency.

PEN Test

A Penetration Test or PEN Test is a controlled simulated cyber attack on your system to evaluate your vulnerabilities. An external penetration test simulates an external attack and explores your external vulnerabilities and gaps that can let in unauthorised access. While an internal security assessment test simulates an internal attack.

Clarity’s cybersecurity experts can test your systems for vulnerabilities using PEN Tests. 

With Clarity’s vulnerability assessments and PEN Testing, you will receive:

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