Cloud Cybersecurity Products

Clarity keeps on top of the evolving cybersecurity field so we can bring Clarity clients leading cloud security products. When it comes to cloud cybersecurity, Clarity identifies the best cloud security products. We’ve developed partnerships with leading cybersecurity vendors to provide you with the full spectrum of cloud cybersecurity products.

Web Application Firewalls (WAF) for the Cloud.

Clarity’s comprehensive approach to WAFs, extends our leading DDoS protection with the following:

Clarity’s WAF services assist with patching and your regulatory compliance needs. With machine-based learning, a baseline for your normal data activity is built and also maintained by identifying anomalies and malicious application traffic.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) for the Cloud.

The threat landscape and increase in cloud-based cyber attacks demand effective firewalls that work with your cloud. Clarity deploys the industry’s leading NGFWs for public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud for every cloud platform, including Mac Cloud.

Clarity uses advance cloud cybersecurity services with our NGFWs such as:

Endpoint Protection in the Cloud.

Endpoint protection is an important part of your cloud security. With businesses looking to the cloud for cost savings and to modernize their IT, they need to secure their cloud environment. That’s where cloud endpoint protection comes in. 

Clarity’s cloud endpoint protection integrates with Clarity’s entire cybersecurity services. This provides a greater ability to detect, monitor and evaluate your endpoint vulnerabilities. You have control and gain visibility to proactively secure your cloud against advanced threats, mitigate risks and lessen your exposure to attacks.

Clarity’s Sandbox.

Clarity’s sandbox protects your server and data from changes to your mission critical systems. You need to understand how malware operates in order to understand the underlying reasons for a breach. That’s where a sandbox can help. 

Clarity’s sandbox offers:

Leading Crypto VPNs.

Clarity uses leading scalable high-speed crypto VPNs to protect your cloud. As businesses adopt and migrate to multiple clouds, they need multi-cloud security tools. Businesses need access to crypto VPNs that protect users from a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. A MITM attack happens when a third party accesses the information or data between two parties without either party realizing their communications is breached. Which is why Clarity works with Fortinet to ensure all Clarity’s Secure Cloud and cloud clients are fully protected.

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