Clarity Mac Cloud Services

Clarity Mac Cloud Services cover a host of Apple Mac Infrastructure supporting services. Our trusted Mac Services are there to help every Clarity Mac hosting or Mac Private Cloud client.

Our Clarity Mac Consulting Services provide you the guidance and advice you need on the best Mac technology solutions for your business. Also, Clarity provides Mac Managed Services to enhance your Mac hosting services, without increasing your IT costs.

Benefits of Clarity Mac Services

  • Expert cybersecurity and cloud security consulting services.
  • Security and data protection for Apple Mac Infrastructure.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery support to ensure backups of your Mac environment is successful.
  • Real time monitoring of your Mac environment from Mac Mini server, Mac Pro server and Mac Cloud,
  • Performance optimization 
  • Clarity’s Dedicated Mac Mini and Dedicated Mac Pro managed services.
  • Mac Private Cloud managed services including cloud Integration and implementation
  • Mac Private Cloud-based disaster recovery planning and management
  • Clarity Mac Managed Firewall Services give your business that extra layer of security on the perimeter network.
  • Setting up and managing secure encrypted Mac VPN tunnels.
  • On site and remote help and management IT services.
  • IT assistance for Mac users that covers laptops, workstations, servers, Wi-Fi, printers, email and more.
  • 24/7 365 Access to Full Spectrum Support that includes access to Clarity’s Apple Mac Infrastructure specialists. 
  • State of the art and highly secure Canadian based data centers.

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Clarity Mac Disaster Recovery & Backups

Dealing successfully with a disaster, data breach or any major organizational crisis depends on your preparation. But the key to weathering a crisis is proactive, preventative and a customized Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) with solid Backup strategies & recovery plans.

Clarity’s blend of innovative technology solutions, deep knowledge of Apple Mac Infrastructure and host of Managed Services will give you the comfort and tools you need. With your customized Clarity Mac DRP and Backup strategies, you won’t feel vulnerable. Working with Clarity’s Mac Disaster Recovery and Backups specialists, you can be confident that you are prepared to withstand any crisis.

Clarity Disaster Recovery Mac Services

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) for Apple Mac infrastructure requires a deep understanding of Mac Hosting, all Mac Server hardware, Mac Private Clouds and cybersecurity, downtime tolerance, industry compliance and client expectations. Running a Mac environment means you need the right approach and the right support from DR specialists and engineers that can create custom plans. 

Clarity Mac Disaster Recovery Offsite DR Planning

Clarity Mac works closely with your team to draft a customized DR plan. After auditing and assessing your Mac environment, Clarity Mac develops a thorough DR Plan and Strategy that includes HA (High Availability) with failover that can be implemented by Clarity with specific instructions and procedures in the event of a catastrophic failure. 

Clarity puts our Canadian Data Centers to work for you. Clarity includes both of our high security Canadian based Data Centers in our DR planning. So, we host your production environment at one Clarity data center and make an exact duplication at our other data center. This helps businesses in meeting their DR Planning compliance requirements within their industry.

Clarity Mac Backups, Recovery and Data Protection

Clarity works closely with every Clarity Mac client to assess their backup and recovery needs. We offer backup and recovery services for on-prem, Mac cloud, and Dedicated Mac Mini and Dedicated Mac Pro Servers. Clarity offers several options for keeping your Mac Backup online. 

Two Options for Your Mac Backup —USB Attached External Hard Drive

Clarity Mac provides two flexible options for your Mac Backup. 

  1. You provide Clarity with your own backup device to host alongside your Mac server. If you chose to provide your own backup device, then you are responsible for any issues with the hardware.
  2. Clarity provides you with your own exclusive backup device. When Clarity provides an external hard drive, Clarity will manage the device and resolve any issues that may arise.

Having an onsite or offsite Clarity Mac backup strategy in place will ensure you minimize your downtime.

Clarity Mac Pro Tip:

Did you know that you can use Time Machine Backups to backup your data or Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper to clone or copy an image of your Mac server.

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Clarity Mac Cloud Services FAQs

Can I backup my Mac mini with an external drive powered by USB?
To host an external hard drive that is powered by the computer it’s $10/month. This can be used for Time Machine backups, Drive Cloning – using Carbon Copy Cloner, or SuperDuper, or simply as extra storage.

What happens if the computer fails (for any reason)? Can we send you another one to replace it? Are there any standard protocols that you follow in this situation?
Under Our Mac Dedicated Server, the Apple hardware is our responsibility and we will swap out the failed component, and depending on the issue, Clarity will even swap out the entire device.

However, under Clarity’s Mac Colocation, the hardware is your responsibility and you can send us a replacement part or entire unit. However, depending on our inventory, Clarity may be able to provision the failed component for you. In that case, Professional fees may apply.

Are there port connection speeds greater than 100 Mbps?
1 gigE (1,000 Mbps), 10 gigE (10,000 Mbps) connection ports are available.

Can I use 2 different IPs if I connect an extra Ethernet adapter?

I would need to host a .ca domain name on my hosted server. Do you provide the services required to transfer domain names or at least provide any information so I can do it myself?
Clarity is not a domain name registrar. We provide the Apple hardware and/or the infrastructure for your environment in which you can host your own server. However, Clarity’s full spectrum customer support team can assist with the process and provide expertise in hosting your own website (Domain Name Services, CNAME, A, NS record assignment).

Payment FAQs

How do Clarity Mac pricing plans work? Is payment due every month or once a year? 
Either, whatever works for you. However, many businesses operate on a monthly payment and billing cycle. Therefore, most businesses opt for monthly. However, you do have the option of paying for your Clarity Mac server in advance for the full year.

What sort of payment options do you accept?
Mastercard, Visa, Cheques or e-Transfers.

What are the deployment fees for a Clarity Mac Dedicated Server?
Under Clarity’s Mac Dedicated Servers service, if we just leave the default factory installation and assign an IP to the Mac, then there are no additional fees for deployment. So anything outside of this will require professional fees.

What are the deployment fees for Mac Colocation?
Under the Mac Mini Colocation or Mac Pro Colocation there are no additional fees for deployment.

More FAQs

How can I send the server to you?
You can either ship the Mac server down to Clarity’s data centers: 151 Front Street, Toronto data center or our 20 Pullman Court facility in Markham, Ontario. You can also drop it off and deliver it yourself.

Who will configure the IP addresses, domain names, etc? Will it be you or do I have to do it before I bring/send it to you?
To ensure the quickest “turn up” after delivery, you can configure it before sending or delivering it. However, Clarity’s full spectrum support staff can configure the Mac server for you but will require the credentials.

Are there Clarity services that are not extended to Clarity Mac or that we can’t use? For example, FTP, HTTP, etc.?
By default, your Mac server is open to the “world” and has an ANY to ANY rule set as it is given public IPs. You have the option of deploying managed firewall services provided by Clarity. One option is a shared firewall service in which basic security parameters are protecting your Mac server by locking down ports and rules defined by you. Or, you can choose to deploy managed dedicated firewalls in which a dedicated appliance will be provisioned for your environment. This option offers greater features and flexibility such as VPN.

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