Managed SOC Toronto

Clarity Managed SOC platform is designed to monitor your cloud, network, and endpoints, so you can sleep at night.

We custom fit our SOC|XDR to you so you not only get the best technology, but the right technology for your company. Adaptive, evolutionary and alert, we learn the normal behaviours of your on-premise network, cloud services, SaaS applications, and endpoints, so we can detect anomalous behaviours that can lead to a cyberattack. When considering a SOC|XDR partner, it’s important to understand what each company offers and how they differ.

What is Managed SOC?

A Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) is a cybersecurity service that provides organizations with 24/7 monitoring and management of their IT infrastructure to detect and respond to potential security threats. Clarity Managed SOC services use advanced tools and expert technicians to analyze data and identify potential security threats.  

Our high-level technical support team protects your business from cybersecurity threats.  

Managed SOC Toronto (Security Operations Center)

Clarity Managed SOC|XDR platform is proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across your entire digital infrastructure and cloud. We provide 24/7 monitoring, detection and response to identify cyber threats before a breach occurs.

To protect your team, we become an extension of it. Clarity SOC|XDR platform continuously correlates, stitches, and integrates every layer of your technology stack to detect, monitor and respond to cyber threats before you’re breached. We understand that when your security is on the line, you can’t afford to react slow. Clarity Incident Response Service empowers our analysts with detailed data from across all endpoints allowing them to respond to threats quickly. Our experienced forensic consultants combined with leading edge technology drives our ability to provide our clients with efficient and effective resolution.

With Clarity fully managed Endpoint Protection we are able to automatically isolate and prevent attacks, drive centralized hunting and detection, and enable interactive response. Our SOC + Endpoint Protection (EDR) helps to extend our monitoring of the cloud, network, and devices by providing an additional layer of security for endpoints. With this layer of protection, we offer you the peace of mind you need, so you can rest easy.

Extended Detection And Response (XDR)

  • Unified data correlations/collection from EDR, SOC, SIEM, SOAR.
  • Analysis of both internal and external traffic. 
  • Aggregated data baseline for threat hunting.
  • Machine learning-based detection. 
  • Automated response to cyber threats. 

On-Premise Monitoring

  • Monitor multiple sources for greater visibility and security.
  • Servers / Workstations / Firewalls. 
  • Hundreds of supported integrations. 
  • Supports key industry and regulatory compliance standards. 
  • Powered by: Clarity Agent and Virtual Sensor.

Cloud Monitoring

  • Monitor all data for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platforms.
  • Support for productively suites Office 365, Google Workspace. 
  • Enables ultra-fast event gathering of log events.
  • Support for misconfigurations and policy violations.

  • Support for hybrid and multi-cloud. 
  • All data collected by Clarity Agent and Direct Cloud API.

Endpoint Security (EDR)

  • Fully Managed Endpoint Security Platform.
  • Centralized detection with fast and informed response. 
  • AI and behavioral-based prevention and blocking.
  • Avert threats such as Malware and Ransomware.

  • Secure hybrid environments and protect while offline. 
  • Protect your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.

Application Monitoring

  • Detect cyber events in your business-critical applications.
  • Monitor your existing Endpoint Security Platform. 
  • Up to date alerts for: System security logs, External attackers or malicious insiders, Unauthorized access or account takeover. 

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Asset discovery and vulnerability scanning of all devices.
  • Complete visibility of network assets and vulnerabilities. 
  • Set for continual or scheduled scans.
  • Vulnerability risk ranking to prioritize actions.

  • Dynamic Network Health Score to assess risk.

Interested in combining Managed SOC Toronto Services with a Fully Managed Complete IT Solution?

If you need reliable technical support for your organization, consider implementing IT Help Desk Services to ensure that your IT infrastructure functions efficiently and effectively.

Add Managed NOC (Network Operations Center) Services to ensure the stability and reliability of your IT infrastructure with a team to monitor and manage your network.

Connect with us to find out how Clarity’s Managed NOC Services can ensure the stability and reliability of your IT infrastructure.