Greening the Cloud with Clarity GreenCloud™

Increasing demand for hosting and cloud services along with the recent uptick in remote working all has an environmental impact. When it comes to data centers, power consumption is an issue. That’s why we believe every business, including the data center industry has a part to play in addressing climate change.

From the outset, Clarity has taken a proactive green hosting approach. We are always looking for the most efficient and environmental solutions available.

For example, Clarity’s 151 Front Street West data center location cooling system uses the Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling System. Cold water from Lake Ontario which is used to cool the building. Offering a sustainable and alternative source to traditional air conditioning.

Additionally, a hot aisle containment system takes the heat produced by the equipment and pumps it into in-row cooling units. Also, our 20 Pullman Court data center location uses state of the art cooling systems that combine glycol condensers and return water.

As well, we are always reviewing how the infrastructure in our Canadian colocation and data centers integrate green energy efficiencies. We’re doing our part by integrating green hosting and green technology options.

However, for businesses or organizations looking to lower their environmental footprint or reach their sustainability targets, this can be an issue. That’s where Clarity GreenCloud™ can help.

Helping Businesses Find Green Technology Solutions

Clarity believes innovative customer focused technology solutions should also focus on helping our clients meet their business goals. This includes their sustainability goals.

Yet, many businesses and organizations struggle in assessing their environmental footprints on the IT and server side. That’s why we created Clarity GreenCloud™.

What is Clarity GreenCloud™?

Clarity GreenCloud™ is a Clarity sustainability program that helps businesses and organizations meet their environmental sustainability goals.

We take a green technology solutions perspective. This means looking at setting up your custom environment to reduce power consumption and take up less space.

For example, Clarity’s expertise with Mac Mini and Mac Pro allows us to create custom dedicated shelves for these servers. This creates a smaller environmental footprint and lowers power consumption.

How the Clarity GreenCloud™ Works:

  1. Clarity assesses your current environment and needs using our Clarity GreenCloud™ checklist. This includes evaluating your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Plus, collaborating with you on identifying environmental sustainability technology goals.
  2. Then Clarity reviews the best available leading green and energy efficient technology solutions.
  3. Afterwards we provide you with a Clarity GreenCloud™ plan, so you can make informed green hardware choices. We still build your infrastructure, your way. But now, you can build it greener.
  4. Based on your custom Clarity GreenCloud™ plan, Clarity implements and deploys your custom green technology solutions.

Connect with Clarity, to set up your free Clarity GreenCloud™ assessment.