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Future of Cloud and Data Center Hosting Isn’t Platform Specific

Data center clients are looking for hosting and cloud computing solutions tailored to them. Not the other way around. They require more options. The capacity to integrate and migrate their different networks.

More and more this customization calls for the ability to combine different hosting options or cloud computing platforms into a balanced efficient environment. As data center clients push for creative solutions, the technology solutions can’t stay platform specific. In other words, the future of cloud computing and hosting isn’t platform specific. It’s multi platformed.

Advantages of Multiple Platforms and Technology Solutions

On the surface the advantage of not being tethered to a single platform seems obvious. With multiple platforms, businesses or organizations increase the variety of applications, systems and technology solutions open to them.

This allows businesses and organizations to launch new applications, services or recalibrate quickly. Also, it creates enhanced cybersecurity options and affordable alternatives.

Multicloud Future — Model for Multi Platform Solutions

A great example of the growing demand for non-specific platforms in data center hosting is the multicloud. Many businesses and organizations are planning a multicloud future. Whether it’s integration of their own private cloud with multiple different public cloud providers. This is the future.

While controlling costs, ensuring scalability and compliance are main drivers. The reality is the growing need to address industry specific regulatory requirements, data protection, privacy and compliance play a large role.

Not all businesses and organizations are able to migrate all their data to the Public Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) for compliance and regulatory reasons. Therefore they maintain their on-premise solution and miss out on the benefits of a Public Cloud.

The flipside is they have a dedicated Private Cloud hosted in a data center but want to migrate parts of their network to a number of Public Cloud platforms.

Closer Look at a Multi Platform Approach for Cloud Computing and Data Center Hosting Solutions

The fact is a multi platform approach is necessary and critical to incorporate in a business’ and organization’s technology strategy. Especially, when incorporating the Private Cloud.

Let’s look at the example of Company ABC. Their infrastructure is strictly on-premise. (Their hardware needs to be refreshed). However, they are running an on-prem Exchange for their email and their corporate website is hosted in a data center’s dedicated hardware. But they can’t take advantage of the scalability and other efficiencies of the Public Cloud. Also, they use different technology platforms as part of their technology strategy.

Since Clarity’s approach is not platform specific, we developed a custom solution that complements Company ABC’s existing technology and business plans. Our deep expertise across technology solutions and platforms opens possibilities. As we conduct a comprehensive assessment and consultation process, we look for efficiencies. After identifying their data protection, privacy and regulatory compliance needs, we determine they can securely take advantage of the Public Cloud.

Working with Company ABC, they move their email services to Microsoft Office 365. They move their website to GCP and set up a Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy into the data center. The results, Company ABC’s customized technology solution is multi
platformed, expertly deployed, cost effective and responsive to their technology needs and strategies.

Increasingly data center clients aren’t bound to a single platform or solution. The future is multi platformed solutions. Clients need a data center that has deep expertise to deploy solutions across platforms. Today’s data centers need to provide clear assessments and a spectrum of technology solutions. That’s why, we’re dedicated to bringing clarity through full spectrum technology solutions.

Author Snippet: 

Dennis Wong is a Partner and Head of Marketing and Sales at Clarity, a Canadian based data center and technology solutions company. With over 21 years in the tech industry, Dennis understands both the technology side and the business side. As Clarity’s Head of Marketing and Sales, Dennis oversees Clarity’s marketing and sales teams and customer service.