Selecting a Colocation Data Center That is Right for Your Brand

Many challenges face businesses. One area that requires the most focus is selecting the right partner in architecting your tech infrastructure. Especially with picking a Colocation Data Center.

Companies offering goods and services strive to provide seamless and pleasant experiences for their clients. While deploying the right tools to keep resources always available for their internal teams to deliver. 

Not all Data Centers are built the same. Industry leaders will know that cost is not everything. Especially when your website and applications are the core of your business. If your business is centered on quality and providing the best service to your consumers, choose a colocation data center that is able to provide the quality you need. There are many options out there, but not all will align with your business.

Every year businesses are impacted by tech issues resulting in disruption with day to day operations. Thinking it through will help mitigate risks.

Common Scenarios

You plan for a product launch. Develop the application for 2 years. Allocate a huge portion of the budget for marketing. It’s launch day. But your customers are greeted with a ‘404 Page’ error when they visit your website. There is so much traffic that your website goes down. Customers are not happy when their expectations are not met. Not only do you miss out on a lot of sales, but your brand image is also affected. The marketing budget was supposed to bring awareness to your new product, instead it highlighted the instability of your website. 

Your business launches its product internationally. It experiences a 300% growth with its user base. New customers from all around the world experience timeouts and slow response times accessing the client dashboard. The consumer experience is overall negative due to the frustrating slow loading speeds. They lose interest and getting them back will be hard.

Your workforce pivots to remote work. Your staff experience slow connectivity and connection issues when running resource intensive internal applications. Productivity is low and morale is down. Having the right tools in place is important for teams to work effectively and efficiently.

How to Select a Colocation Data Center 

If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to revise your strategy on how to choose a colocation data center. Here is a checklist to consider when architecting the infrastructure for your business:

  • Does the facility have access to T1 Telecom Providers? Will you be able to serve your customers and users with minimal latency globally? Pairing with reputable industry telecom providers is important in remaining stable and connected.
  • Does the vendor function as an extension of your team at the Data Center? A facility provider not only provides space and connectivity, but also acts as a member of your team on site.
  • Does the vendor have a diverse services portfolio? Choosing the right partner providing other technology solutions supports your company’s growth. (Cloud deployments, Mac Infrastructure Hosting, Contract Optimization, Cybersecurity).
  • Have you seen the facility? Would you lease an office space without a site tour? Understand the building’s configuration, security, uptime history, and maintenance schedules.
  • Is branding and reputation of your infrastructure important to your business? Your customers see value in being at one of the most connected data carrier hotels.

The long term benefits of investing in the right facility provider as your partner is essential, especially with tech. 

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