MacOS Cloud

iOS applications are growing and evolving. To keep pace with application updates and changes, teams need to build code in a reliable way and test as often as they want. You can achieve this through automating the process to build and test your iOS applications with a CI/CD platform. You will need to run your builds on Apple hardware. But allocating hardware for each build can be expensive and become difficult to maintain as your environment grows.

Anka integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to accelerate your applications lifecycle. You can run macOS VMs to manage multiple CI/CD jobs simultaneously. Its container-like virtualization allows you to save VM templates providing guaranteed on-demand clean build environments. CI/CD jobs run inside of an ephemeral VM so you don’t have to clean it after each run and can also ensure a specific state of the VM each time you start one.

What is Anka Mac Cloud

As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider in Canada, Clarity builds your macOS Private Cloud on Veertu’s Anka platform. Providing an agile, scalable and flexible solution for your iOS applications. 

It is a fully configured macOS private cloud. Since it comes built, your company can start creating and using it right away. Clients have flexible and affordable options allowing them to scale as needed. Expand your cloud and resources by simply adding new hardware through a simple support ticket. Our engineers will configure and deploy the necessary resources allowing you to scale your cloud infrastructure.

Who should consider using Anka Mac Cloud?

Clarity’s fully managed Anka Mac Cloud helps teams scale up consistent macOS environments quickly. It allows you to focus on running your builds and test without having to worry about managing the infrastructure. 

Mobile Teams – Test iOS applications and mobile apps on all macOS versions integrating with GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Teamcity, GitLab CI, Buildkite, and even a REST API to connect with your custom CI software.

Gaming Teams – Test to ensure that your games are consistent and stable on multiple macOS and iOS Versions. 

Malware and AntiVirus Testing – Inject malicious payload in controlled sandboxed macOS environments. Test code in your users’ environments to develop security countermeasure strategies.

Who manages my Anka Mac Cloud?

Anka Mac Cloud is a fully managed Private Cloud. Clarity handles all hardware to make sure your cloud is always available. We monitor network performance and our team of cloud cybersecurity experts make sure your cloud is secure. There is zero administration overhead – No system administration, management, or configuration required.

It comes fully configured for you to start creating and using your macOS VMs. All you need to do is create your VM templates, install your macOS of choice, and build out templates with different application stacks and repositories for testing.

Why partner with an IaaS Provider?

Running a business has many complex components. Managing hardware and your cloud platform requires constant upkeep of resources from your team. Partner with a Hosting Provider to manage your infrastructure so that you can focus on your business.