Anka Mac Cloud

Anka Mac Cloud is a macOS Cloud for Continuous Integration (CI) and DevOps. Cloud components are customized to work as part of a CI workflow with integration into existing pipelines.

Anka Mac Cloud at Clarity

As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider in Canada, Clarity custom builds your macOS Private Cloud on Veertu Anka virtualization. We fully configure your Cloud ready for you to start creating and using your macOS VMs. Our team of Mac experts fully manage the cloud components so that you can start:

  • Building VM templates for a specific macOS version.
  • Creating tags for those templates that contain specific dependencies and state.
  • Provision on-demand VMs using those templates and tags.
  • Integrate with your CI systems using open-source plugins/runners for GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Teamcity, GitLab CI, Buildkite, and even a REST API to connect with your custom CI software.

Benefits of Anka Mac Cloud

  • Zero Administration – No system administration, management, or configuration required.
  • No Integration Overhead – Easily integrate with your CI system using open-source options.
  • Guaranteed On-Demand Clean Build Environments – CI/CD jobs run inside of an ephemeral VM so you don’t have to clean it after each run and can also ensure a specific state of the VM each time you start one.
  • Scalable – Quickly add new machines with a simple support ticket.
  • Near Native Performance – Run your builds and tests inside of Anka VMs on the new generation 2018 Mac Mini and 2019 Mac Pro Apple Hardware without any loss of performance.
  • Security – Securely connect your Private Cloud to internal networks and/or public clouds using advanced security features like Certificate Authentication.
  • Mac Dedicated Servers for your Anka Mac Private Cloud.
  • Networking and Security – Dedicated Managed Firewall to securely connect your Private Cloud to internal networks and /or public clouds.

  • Operating System – Virtualize and run any macOS VMs starting from 10.10.x onwards.
  • Clarity’s Mac Security and Cloud cybersecurity expertise. 
  • 24/7 365 Access to Clarity’s Apple Infrastructure and Mac Cloud solutions specialists.
  • 100% Canadian based full spectrum secure Mac hosting or Mac Colocation in Clarity’s Top-Tiered N+1 high security data centers located in Canada.

Anka Mac Cloud Plans

Managed Anka Cloud 1Managed Anka Cloud 2
$1,139 Monthly* (Starting At)$1,489 Monthly* (Starting At)
2 x 2018 Mac Mini  2 x 2018 Mac Mini  
CPU: 3.6 GHz i3 8-Core (16 vCPU) CPU: 3.2 GHz i7 12-Core (24 vCPU)
RAM: 32 GBRAM: 64 GB
Storage: 512 GBStorage: 1024 GB
Anka Bundle (License / Controller / Registry) – 500 GB StorageAnka Bundle (License / Controller / Registry) – 500 GB Storage
Dedicated FirewallDedicated Firewall
Get A Free QuoteGet A Free Quote
Scale with additional HostsScale with additional Hosts
$429 Monthly* (Starting At)$599 Monthly* (Starting At)
1 x 2018 Mac Mini  1 x 2018 Mac Mini  
CPU: 3.6 GHz i3 4-Core (8 vCPU) CPU: 3.2 GHz i7 6-Core (12 vCPU)
RAM: 16 GBRAM: 32 GB
Storage: 256 GBStorage: 512 GB

*Prices are in USD

Who should consider using Anka Mac Cloud?

Any business that need to test applications and code in a controlled sandbox macOS environment as part of their CI and DevOps pipelines. Developers with workflows and processes requiring on-demand macOS builds at scale. Clarity’s fully managed Anka Mac Cloud is for anyone to scale up consistent macOS environments quickly without having to worry about managing the infrastructure. It allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Who manages my Anka Mac Cloud ?

Anka Mac Cloud is a fully managed Private Cloud. Clarity handles all hardware to make sure your cloud is always available. We monitor network performance and our team of cloud cybersecurity experts make sure your cloud is secure. It comes fully configured for you to start creating and using your macOS VMs. All you need to do is create your VM templates and install your macOS of choice.

Connect with Clarity for more information on creating your Anka Mac Cloud today.