Enabling Your Mac Dedicated Server with Managed Services

What is a Managed Mac Dedicated Server?

Clarity’s mac dedicated server clients use hardware that is dedicated to only them. This means no one else has access. It is 100% managed by Clarity. We are responsible for providing the hardware, repair, replacement, and making sure it is available. This makes it more simple for clients who want to focus on their business. Because they can lean on a partner to manage their tech.

Your Server, but Clarity’s Responsibility

Clarity provides the hardware whether you choose a Mac Mini or Mac Pro. So It is our job to manage and maintain all equipment, debug issues, and swap out any parts. Our team proactively monitors uptime and connectivity, which mitigates downtime. To ensure your mac dedicated server stays connected, Clarity provides a redundant environment supporting your apple hardware. In other words, components that provide power, bandwidth and cooling are configured in high availability for your mission-critical systems. As a result, servers stay online.

Benefits of Clarity Managed Mac Dedicated Servers

Clarity’s managed Mac Dedicated Servers keeps your data safe with cyber security and cloud security solutions for Macs. Bringing flexibility through a full spectrum of custom options. All this but without the hardware upkeep costs or extra work.

  • Access to a team of Apple Mac specialists.
  • Configurations to integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines via Anka Mac Cloud.
  • Support for New and Legacy Operating Systems (Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and more).
  • Zero administration. We are responsible for all tech.
  • Ability to run any operating system including: macOS, OS X, VMware, Linux and Windows.
  •  99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee.
  • Our 1 hour replacement guarantee for all Clarity dedicated hardware.
  • 24/7 365 Full Spectrum Support. Delivering best-in-class Apple Mac customer support team.
  • Pioneer in Mac Infrastructure hosting in Canada.

What if You Already Own Mac Hardware?

Already owning your hardware is great! Because Clarity can collocate it. This means we take it into our data center and provide power, redundant bandwidth connectivity, cooling and more. So since you provide the hardware, you get all the benefits of a secure Canadian data center, but at a lower cost.

Read more about Clarity’s Mac Colocation.

The Full Spectrum of Clarity Mac

Clarity believes that all businesses deserve clear and custom IT solutions. That’s why we were one of the first in the industry to work with Apple infrastructure and provide Mac hosting services, such as Mac Dedicated Servers. So we could offer scalable Mac hosting to control your Mac cloud. As a result, lower overall IT costs.

Our matchless expertise, innovative full spectrum tech solutions and customer focused results help our clients reach their goals while keeping costs low.

Contact Clarity to find out how Clarity’s Mac Dedicated Servers can help you reach your goals.