IT Contract Negotiation with ClarityQR

How IT Contract Negotiation Reduces Technology Costs

Businesses often overlook the opportunities gained in controlling costs with IT contract negotiation. This is because without a dedicated experienced procurement team to negotiate contracts, businesses miss out on max savings. This can lead to too much spending and even risks with contract agreements.

Two main areas make up company growth. These areas are building your business to increase revenue, and decrease expenses to stay profitable.

Controlling costs by optimizing high value contracts can save a business a lot of money. But what does this mean? What is the process? How is it done? Certainly, partnering with the right vendor who has the skill to navigate complex contracts and negotiate for better rates allows your business to scale and remain flexible.

How do IT Contract Negotiations Work?

Licensing specialists leverage industry knowledge and experience to identify cost optimization options to negotiate with IT vendors. Firstly, ClarityQR performs an audit of your IT contracts. As an independent and platform neutral partner, we provide an unbiased review of your IT vendor contracts. We find key areas to reduce IT spend using pricing intelligence from an internal pricing database. We outline suggestions and cost optimization strategies formed from fact-based experiences. And most important, ClarityQR takes a lead role driving the negotiations, working as an extension of your team. Our experts strategically deliver on savings goals while keeping ideal relationships with vendors. Because licensing specialists know how important vendor relationships are.

With Clarity’s matchless expertise, experienced negotiation, and evidence-based practice, IT contract negotiations will reduce your overall costs.

What are the fees for contract optimization and negotiation?

Zero upfront costs and no hidden fees. Our client-focused service’s main objective is to save costs. We are confident that contract optimization services will deliver on your savings goals. Unless we save you something, we do not get paid. If we don’t save you anything, we don’t get paid. Fees are based on a percentage of realized savings.

To clarify, fees are based on the total contract value and calculated on realized contract savings.

Less than $1M        50%

$1M to $10M          30%

More than $10M    25%

The Process Breakdown

  1. Firstly, a team of experts conduct a neutral review of your IT contracts assessing the type of contract, services, and terms.
  2. After that, we review current and previous contracts, find tech gaps, and eliminate unneeded parts to align with the client goals.
  3. Then, we explore options in further optimizing the business by running a competitive analysis of different IT vendors. 
  4. Next, we collab with your team to propose proven strategies for cutting costs.
  5. Finally, negotiation experts with decades of experience from working at the leading cloud, IaaS, and SaaS providers effectively negotiate your IT contracts using an industry-first proprietary pricing database.

What Information is Needed to Get Started?

ClarityQR becomes your dedicated procurement team. So we minimize involvement for you, and we do all the work. But to get started, general contract info is needed.

  • Type of contract
  • Value of contract
  • Length of term
  • Growth expectations
  • Current process for contract procurement
  • Services shortfall
  • Vendor relationship

How Do I Get Started?

Simple. Contact ClarityQR to get the IT contract negotiation started!